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Cambridge Friends of the Earth latest campaign is a campaign inspired by the Modbury Bag Ladies to make Cambridge a plastic carrier-bag free zone.

The Modbury Bag Ladies’ story can be read in full at:

You can watch the film that set Rebecca Hoskings off on her quest for a plastic bag free Modbury here:

To read more about the story that inspired us please check out:

We have our work cut out for us because by comparison to Modbury – 43 traders – we have a vast number of shops to persuade to change their habits.

We will be following the Modbury model which is:

1 Do it yourself, or with a group. Don’t rely on councils or supermarkets.

2 Get the trust of the traders. Approach them directly. A handout is not enough.

3 Gauge public support to encourage supermarkets and multiples to take part.

4 Learn about what plastics are doing to the environment.

5 Research every type of alternative bag on the market.

6 Set a date.
We will be having a meeting to work out a co-ordinated schedule for talking to shop keepers and traders. One idea we like is to try to get the traders in Mill Road to go plastic bag free first.

When we have the date, venue and details for the meeting we will let you know. It will be as soon as we can possibly make it and we will have regular meetings following the first one.
In the meantime please pass this message on to anyone and everyone you know,  including to friends and neighbours who do not have internet access, and read all the articles you can find on the subject.
Plus, crucially, please do some research, for instance:
 – what kinds of alternative bags can be bought, what are they made of, what happens during the manufacturing process, are the bags fairly traded, how far do they have to be transported and how much do they cost, how strong are they, what sizes are they available in?
 – what is the environmental impact on the earth, animals, water system, and humans of plastic bags?
 – why are biodegradable bags are not a compromise solution?

You could also very usefully make a list of all the traders you know personally or visit regularly.

With all the the relevant facts and figures available when we start talking to traders and shop keepers we will not be easily put off when someone challenges us.

If you have any questions which you can’t find the answers to in the articles and links in this message, please do get in touch with me via this email address or at:

Many Thanks,

Lulu Agate
Co-ordinator Cambridge Friends of the Earth

No Mill Rd Tesco

Dear Supporters,

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who came to the meeting at St Philips last Thursday. We estimate over 240 were in attendance, which is fantastic. (If you left a Marks & Spencers bag of shopping in the church, please get in touch!)

Thank you, too, to everyone who contributed to the fighting fund. We raised an amazing £486.64, which has been safely banked for now in the Romsey Action bank account, although we hope to have set up our own account by the end of the week.

A huge thank you to Chris Hull for coming down from Norwich to share his experiences and advice with us. We’re delighted to say that he is continuing to offer us his help and support.

Since the meeting, the people who volunteered to form a committee have met and sub-groups have been established to focus on the various aspects of the campaign.

A website has been created at and is being regularly updated. Contact details for the committee members and the list of sub-groups are online at If you would like to offer help to any of the groups, please contact them. Any general enquiries can be sent to

Details of the Planning Applications are at:
and we will add more details as we hear about them.

Volunteers are particularly wanted to deliver leaflets.

Coming Events

Meeting 6pm Earl of Beaconsfield pub, Mill Road Thursday 4th October
‘Alternative uses for the Wilco site – community buy out? social centre? local market? .. what could we do? How would we do it? All welcome to explore ideas.

Leafleting This Weekend:

There are two meeting times for leafleting – 10am on Saturday the 6th and 3pm on Sunday the 7th -both outside Wilcos.  Those who want to can join a canvassing team on Sunday. 
If people want to pick up leaflets subsequently, they can do so from Jim Jepps: 07956605634 He will ensure that streets are only leafleted once.
Other resources including posters will appear on the website soon and people will be able put them up in their houses, shops cars and so on. 

Community Music Event outside Wilco on Mill Road – Saturday 6th October
11 am until 1.00 pm

Running Order:
11 am – 12 am (assemble 10.45 am)
Just turn up with your voice
Accappela singing:
–  A collection of willing singers to assemble at 10. 45 out side Wilco.
– We will be set back from the road so that we aren’t blocking the
– We will supply lyrics on hand out sheets.
– The singing, harmonies will be led by experienced leaders of the
community singing groups in Cambridge.
– The songs will be busked –  some easy, rousing, fun songs with a few
which are tailored for the event.
– This will have to be spontaneous as there is no time to rehearse, but
learn on the spot – if there are enough of us it will be good.
– No stress, loads of fun.
– All welcome

12 am – 1 pm (assemble 12 am if you aren’t there already)
Just turn up with your instrument/s
Other busking acts:
– Whoever wants to perform please be there by 12 am as we need to
estimate how long for each act.
– Bear in mind the nature of the event and try to make your act as
relevant and enjoyable as possible.
– There won’t be any amplification for this event, so acoustic
instruments only.

Finally, we aim to add a list of objections on valid planning grounds to the website by the end of Thursday. Please, please take the time to contact the case officer at the Council:Mrs Angela Briggs <>

Angela Briggs,
Environment and Planning,
Cambridge City Council,
The Guildhall,
CB2 3QJ.

Her phone number is: 01223 457173.

and register your objections. They all have to be reported to the Planning Committee.

The one other thing that everyone can do is talk to people – spread the word that Tesco is not wanted on Mill Road. Tell your Councillors, your neighbours, your friends; especially tell any passing journalists! We are proud to be part of the Mill Road community and as a community, we say no to Tesco.

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